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Learn about cleansing, cold-pressed juices and organic food. Discover why they are good for you and why you should try them out.


DanI V Sanchez

We've seen “locally sourced” signs at stores and probably have heard from a friend or two about “buying local”, but what exactly does it mean and why should we do it?


“Locally sourced” means food that was grown or raised close to where you bought it. Which is important because it’s how you know that your food didn’t end up getting transported for miles and miles on end to get to you (often times across countries!). It also happens to come with a handful of benefits, like:

  1. Fresher food for you (it means tastier food!)
  2. Reduced carbon emissions for the environment
  3. Reduced pesticides
  4. Reduced packaging materials
  5. Support of local farmers
  6. The cutting out of middlemen involved in: processing, packaging, transporting and selling

In a nutshell you are getting fresher food while also helping the environment. Ultimately though, to get the best out your food we recommend finding locally produced and made food that is also organic. By doing this you will cut out all of the factors that are damaging the environment.

So remember, learning about where your food comes from and how it is grown or raised will enable you to choose safer foods while supporting your community!